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Aligning SaaS Value with Enterprise Applications Architecture

As a  leader running SaaS applications in an enterprise, you can sometimes forget that you yourself maybe working at a SaaS company! It is of utmost importance to make sure you are always thinking how you can best align the goals of the enterprise systems architecture with the vision and priorities of the SaaS business as a whole.


I do my best to keep up with readings on Techcrunch especially the Enterprise and SaaS specific tags to make sure that I am understanding how the industry as a whole is evolving and any news / thoughts that I can apply to my day to day work.

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Planning for Netsuite new user interface release in Q3 2014

Planning for SaaS upgrades is typically straight forward, but with the Q3 Netsuite release 2012.2 introducing a HTML5 brand new Netsuite user interface, every Netsuite administrator should be freaking out just a little bit now, at least I know I am. That being said, making sure that you’re prepared and have a clear testing plan in place should help alleviate some of these concerns.


Credit goes to the LinkedIn Netsuite group that notified and gave me a bit more insight to the new Netsuite user interface that is slated to be released in the third quarter of this year. Join the LinkedIn group here if you aren’t already a member.  Typically has interesting thoughts although you do get general spam on “new exciting job opportunities” from time to time.

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Birst SSO Not Playing Nicely With OAuth

As of 5/13/2013, it looks like the mechanism that we use to expose a Birst dashboard page to our users is now causing issues for those users that do not have a corresponding Birst login.

We currently leverage an embedded Apex Visualpage on our Account page that is represented as an iframe to provide some key account data to our users.  The configuration is the same that is recommended by Birst as seen below in the “Appropriate for an Apex Control within Salesforce” section:

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Hello Enterprise Application World!


I know that the title is so very hackneyed for an intro blog post, but I like paying homage to those before me, and nothing says “Hey, I’m a dude that develops code and I am writing a blog about Enterprise Applications” like Hello World!

So, Hello World!

I consider myself a master of bridging the business world with technology.  A multi-faceted leader with experience enabling both the processes and technology for every aspect of an enterprise.  I’ve picked and packed, helped close books, ran forecasts, and managed drip marketing campaigns.  Jack of all trades, master of some; aiming to be master of all.

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