Hello Enterprise Application World!


I know that the title is so very hackneyed for an intro blog post, but I like paying homage to those before me, and nothing says “Hey, I’m a dude that develops code and I am writing a blog about Enterprise Applications” like Hello World!

So, Hello World!

I consider myself a master of bridging the business world with technology.  A multi-faceted leader with experience enabling both the processes and technology for every aspect of an enterprise.  I’ve picked and packed, helped close books, ran forecasts, and managed drip marketing campaigns.  Jack of all trades, master of some; aiming to be master of all.

My training started with an undergraduate degree from University of California, Berkeley in Cognitive Science with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (anyone from Cal knows this means I was not smart enough for the real CS major and nowhere close to EECS but I did finagle my way into a solid background in computer science) and five years later an MBA from the Haas School of Business, also at Cal.

In between schooling, I spent four years at a wonderful socially conscious start-up called World of Good, which was later purchased by Ebay (and folded recently into Ebay’s regular socially conscious marketplace), and that stint really engaged me with enterprise systems.  I ran and managed:

  • E-Commerce systems, run on osCommerce,
  • BI and ETL tools run on JasperSoft,
  • Accounting tools, Quickbooks and then implement Netsuite in-house
  • CRM Systems – Salesforce.com which we later migrated to Netsuite (interesting decision at the time)
  • Even got a chance to build our own Warehouse Management System – http://www.openwms.org/ .  Looks like they’ve gone a long way since I’ve last used them

After my MBA, I did a two year stint at Deloitte Consulting, where I implemented major Salesforce.com projects for Fortune 50 companies.  The scope of functionality included: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Partner Relationship Management (PRM), Configure Pricing Quote (CPQ) tools, largest Salesforce.com service cloud deployments and others.  It was a great experience with great people, allowing me to really hone my ability to systematically solve problems.

Currently, I have moved back to industry to help run, manage and provide thought leadership around our company’s portfolio of Enterprise Applications.  The company is a unicorn start-up pre-IPO with amazing technology.  We currently manage:

  • Salesforce for CRM, Support, Marketing
  • Eloqua for Email Campaigns and Nurturing Leads
  • Zuora for Subscription Billing
  • Netsuite for ERP and Revenue Recognition
  • Birst for Business BI
  • Boomi for ETL
  • Okta for SSO with Two Factor
  • and many others

My day to day experiences will be my muse (as well as other random thoughts that catch my fancy) and I hope that I can elicit good discussion and provide interesting thoughts to the rest of the interwebs and especially enterprise application professionals.  Cheers and happy writing/reading!


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