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Guide to Netsuite Sandbox and Release Preview Environments


I recently reached out to Netsuite colleagues as well as our account manager to make sure that we had a good handle on the understanding of the release preview process. Hopefully the thoughts below will help you with your understanding related to sandbox vs release preview and help with testing planning for this release.

Netsuite Sandbox

  • Purchased as part of the license agreement
  • Cost is a percentage of your overview contract; pricing best discussed with your account manager
  • Exact duplicate of your production environment; matches user license limits and modules enabled
  • Limited amount of refreshes per year. Refresh duration can be a number of days depending on size of data stored in Netsuite
  • Should be used for development and testing of all technical changes to workflows, scripting, integrations
  • Should be used for modeling of business process changes and helpful as a training environment (both for new engineering processes or when rolling out new Netsuite features)
  • Should be used to test new module upgrades i.e. Revenue Recognition, Fixed Asset, etc. (These seem to be updated on a different cycle than regular releases)
  • Modifications should be organized into a SuiteBundle to be deployed to production

Netsuite Release Preview


  • Notification is sent to System Administrator when Release Preview timeframe is available
  • Netsuite releases in waves, with Netsuite (the actual company) going first, with customers to follow in subsequent waves
  • Release Preview is available ~1mth before your company’s release to production date and access is terminated a week before the upgrade date
  • Release Preview access is NOT dependent on having a sandbox. ALL customer’s will have access to the release preview
  • Release Preview environment is an exact copy of your production environment, made before your release preview start date (not sure the exact timing but I assume a couple of weeks) . It includes all the new features / bug fixes included in the upcoming release. Allows internal teams to test new features with existing customizations and data set; matches user license limits
  • More details around Release Preview can be found at the Netsuite link here.  You’ll need to be logged in first to get access to the SuiteAnswer site.

Now what?

I would highly recommend that all enterprises come up with a thorough test plan for this next release. Next blog post will provide details on the exact steps and timing that I’ll be putting together to run a successful test process for the next release.

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WWDC: Yosemite Mail features Signatures vs DocuSign Electronic Signatures


Today’s WWDC plethora of announcements included a nifty mention of some new features to OS X Yosemite’s Mail application including the ability to embed a graphical representation of your signature on a pdf document. Although the embedding of this feature in the Mail application is new, the feature has been a part of OS X since OS X Lion, available in the Preview application and is similar to the features available with the DocuSign for Outlook app. It seems like Apple has been interested in signatures for awhile now including filing a patent application that discusses new methods of adding signatures to documents. A blogger has gone as far to say that the new feature will put DocuSign in the “Loser” column as pertains to Apple encroaching on their product turf.

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Piece of cake WordPress Blog setup: WIX vs WordPress vs GoDaddy

LongAnimationBWI am astonished by the pace of technology simplification. I spent five years as a LAMP stack developer in the late 2000’s and I remember how amazing it was, at that time, to be able to launch full fledged open source applications within days (or sometimes mere hours).  Sure there was a bit of configuration, and setting up databases, but that was vastly better than creating your own application from scratch and having to deal with compiling and deploying jar files.

I began my research to setup this blog a week ago and was fully prepared to go through the same exercise: get hosting space, load the application package, setup the database, buy a domain name, re-point dns configurations, etc. etc. etc. but before I went down that road, I looked more closely at the hosted solutions that I have been hearing about recently like WIX and others similar to it.

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